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Subtitles missing spaces?

 Hi! I'm part of a volunteer team translating the Crash Course subtitles, and just noticed that in several of our videos both the original subtitles and the translations are randomly missing spaces that were there before (for example: (0:07, 0:16 etc.)). Is this a known bug that can be fixed, or do we have to re-proofread our subtitles and press space a lot?

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Hi Anne

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is a known bug: see CC's What happened to all the LINE BREAKS within subtitles? They're all gone now. Does it have to do with the upgrade?  topic, where I've linked to your topic and the video in a comment. And the video also presents another "post June 29, 2013 upgrade" bug: i.e. the video language definition is now missing. So I have also made the same links in the Video language selection deleted after (by?) the June 29, 2013 upgrade topic.

Back to the English subtitles  of Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33 you mentioned: they already existed, with line breaks, in the original  video and were automatically added to the Amara Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33 page that was created from the YouTube original. Then the last Amara upgrade deleted the line breaks and banged together the words before and after each line break.

The important thing is that the subtitles on the YouTube video have remained unaffected by this Amara line break deleting bug, thanks to the fact that the YT crashcourse channel is not automatically connected to Amara.

And as Amara staff is aware of the bug and working on it, and as it does not really hamper translation, perhaps you could leave the Amara English subtitles as they are now, and wait for the issue to be generally fixed?


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