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Why won't the English subtitle work for Fatmagul episode 26 part 2 and many more.

Hi, I just recently found out about this site and as I was watching, I somehow couldn't load the English subtitle when it said that it is complete. But when I try the Greek one, it loads very quickly but the thing is, I don't speak Greek!

I was watching Fatmagul episode 26 part 2 and the subtitle never loads. I waited for hours on end and it wouldn't load. But the Greek one only took five seconds.

Episode 26 part 2 cannot.

Episode 27 part 1 and 2 cannot. (it kept going back to turkish when I have already clicked the english one.)

Episode 28 part 1 and 2 cannot aswell.

Please tell me.

My internet connection is quick enough to fully load the video so it's impossible that it isn't quick enough to load the subtitle.

Thank you.

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Hi Ezar,

Thank you for reporting this issue. It could be related to the one described by Eri Pançi in My subtitles doesn't open or noone subtitles doens't open??!! :((( .

However, there are differences too: in the examples he gave, there were no subtitles in the  defined video language, whereas in  - if that's the video you describe as Episode 27 part 1 - there are Turkish subtitles, and only English, British subtitles cannot be displayed: the subtitles in other languages can.

But there are many Fatmagul episodes on Amara, so could you please give the URLs (web addresses) of the ones you mentioned in your post?

Thank you in advance,



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