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How can I "lock" my subtitles??!!


Look, is there a way in Amara to lock subtitles like in, when you create subtitles later you can lock them so anyone can edit them.

I have made a very hard work to subtitle a show that is very popular in my country, when I see now some others have changed the translator name. 

Here should be something about this. There is my work...

Thank you in advance.,.. ;)))

 Hi Eri,

I agree with you that the name on subtitles is an issue, but I don't agree with the idea of technically locking subtitles. Amara is for collaborative subtitling.

When it was called Universal Subtitles, no name appeared on the main page of subtitles, just as no authors' names appear in Wikipedia articles, and that was much better: just as with Wikipedia, the way to find out who had collaborated to a given set of subtitles was to click the Revisions tab.

In Representing each volunteer's work  (in the "Your suggestions to make Amara great" board) I've asked for the removal of the last editor's name from the main page of subtitles, because as you say, it's misleading, and also because it hampers collaboration: if I see a typing mistake in a long set of subtitles entirely made by someone else, unless the other subtitler is someone I know well and know that s/he won't mind, I don't correct it because just this tiny correction would bang my name instead of his/her on the subtitles.

That being said: if you do want to do subtitles solo, write so politely in a first mock subtitle. Then if someone else ignores your request, just roll back to your version.

So, it looks like there isn't a option like that. SO BADD!!

Anyway, thank you so much calmansi for your correct answer as always!!! :)))))

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