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Can I upload a video from my computer ?


I can upload videos from You Tube to my space in Amara but I can't seem to find a way to upload a short video from my own computer.

Is it possible?



No, you can't do that with Amara: see the Does Universal Subtitles host my videos or subtitles?  FAQ (though it was updated "Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 6:49 PM", they apparently forgot to update the title: Universal Subtitles was the original name of Amara).

You can do that with DotSUB, and it's player is more embeddable than Amara's - but it's more difficult to collaboratively make the first set of subs/captions in the original language with DotSUB, and it has a 25-minute length limit.

You can also use Amara with videos hosted in other joints than YouTube: dailymotion, vimeo, the internet archive, or simply uploaded to a blog or a web site - and possibly also, publicly uploaded to DropBox if you know how to make a link for streaming, not just for downloading (I don't). All the Coursera videos added  to Amara or first captioned by jngiam and stanford-bot  are hosted on Amazon CloudFront, etc.


Hi calmansi justanAmarauser

I seem to have got around it by downloading the video on to my computer, creating a video channel in YouTube and then uploading it to my channel. Now Amara streams it in my space (in Amara) and from my channel in YouTube

I also had to install an add on to my Firefox browser to download the video to my computer in the first place

I'm exhausted!  Did i have an easier option that I missed?




 No, there is no easier option. However, if you are reuploading other people's videos in your YouTube channel, you might get into trouble: see YouTube's copyright school.

Also, you write: "Now Amara streams it in my space (in Amara) and from my channel in YouTube". Does it mean that you have done the automatic syncing of Amara subs to your YouTube account that Amara has been pushing with a banner on top of all pages since February?

If so, see my Misgivings about the "Sync subtitles"  (etc) post and all the unattended video deletion requests motivated by the consequences of this syncing from February on in Removing subtitles or videos. Are you sure you want to give Amara

"... permission to:

  • Manage your YouTube account
  • View and manage your videos and playlists
  • View and manage your YouTube activity
  • Perform these operations when I'm not using the application"
AND in particular bang a sentence in your YT videos, telling folks - including vandals and spammers - where they can make subs that'll stream directly to the YT video???

Hello calmansi justanAmarauser

Sorry to take so long to get back to you

I'm not sure where I am with your questions as I'm not yet familiar with YouTube and what a channel is

The video I uploaded to YouTube was in fact a Holstee video which I had already subtitled in Swedish

The reason I did this was to have all the videos I have subtitled on one page.

The video did not have subtitles of course and I had to upload them too.

As you said that videos are not hosted but streamed, I thought that it would be ok but I'm stupid, cos of course the video is still on my channel at YouTube

I had tried to stream it from its original location on Youtube but something kept stopping me (probably what you talk about but I don't really understand-sync subtitles.

Managing my YouTube account (reading about it that is), is on my to do list but it's been really busy this week


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