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How to make all subtitles appear later?

I want to make all subtitles delayed for about 1 minute.

But I don't know how toT.T

I don't want to synk all of them because of 1 minute T.T

When I asked the same question in Bulk modification of time-codes? 8 months ago, Darren Bridenbeck replied:

"The functionality that you're bringing up is something that's really popular among a number of offline subtitling tools, which allow you to make global changes to ALL subtitles (for example, you could move every line back 3 seconds). In Amara, it isn't possible, but we may look into this kind of feature as we update the platform in the future."



Subtitle Edit has this superb function and I hope that Amara will not mind me mentioning another software on their site

But the more easily people can edit their videos, the more likely they are to use the Amara platform to display them.

Wow, SafeTex! And if I understand correctly, you can even resync by a fixed time with the Subtitle Edit online version ! Alessio Cartocci had a similar project he let me try in early 2007 - he called it Smilery because the subtitling format was SMIL. But I don't think he published it.

I don't think Amara minds mentioning other tools, I mean Darren Bridenbeck did himself in his former reply. And they do - most unfortunately - offer translating with Bing in the translation widget.

In fact, in the case of a video subtitled with Amara that got deleted from youtube because the uploader's account was, but there is another copy, though with an extra intro - I downloaded the Amara subs as TXT (no time codes, but subs of a reasonable length), reuploaded the 2nd version of the video privately, added the TXT file and let YT resync the subs (explaining in the description that the reupload was just for that, so the YT copyright watchdog let it be). Then I made a 2nd Amara page for the original 2nd version and uploaded the re-synced subs there. Not perfect, but workable on.


In the "Tickets" part of the Amara help, Margarita Shamraeva has now added a very neat online resource for re-syncing subtitles by a fixed time duration: , which works with .srt subtitle files.


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