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SRT in Word (.docx)


I still have some 'problems' with Amara

I downloaded subtitles to change them (it was easier for me), but when I had made the changes and wanted to save them, Word insisted on an extension.

Since Word does not know .SRT, I saved it as a .docx before changing the extension back to .SRT manually for uploading

But Amara said that the formatting was not recognised.

However, the file inside looked just like an SRT

How do you deal with this please? (it's not the first time I've had this problem)



Hi SafeTex

.docx - and .rtf -  add loads of junk code, even if you change the extension to .srt, when you upload the file: you see that sometimes on YouTube videos.

Try resaving your edited subs as an UTF-8 encoded .txt file, and then change the extension to .srt: the Amara software should accept that. In How do I upload subtitles and transcripts? there is an explanation with screenshot of how to encode a file as UTF-8: though it refers to plain transcripts there, it also obtains for .srt files.

When I can't be bothered to open a desktop software, I edit subs with PiratePad , then export as Plain Text, and change the extension as I'm exporting. PiratePad automatically encodes as UTF-8.

 Last thing: .sbv is easier to edit offline than .srt, because .sbv does not have ordering numbers. So say you want to merge 2 subs or split one, with .sbv you don't have to renumber each following sub.

Hello Claude Almansi

Yet again, good sound advice from someone who evidently knows. This little 'bug' can be a real problem as many people who download and then re-upload subtitles may not have a SRT editor (and it does open in Word)

I do have one (Subtitle Edit) and so managed to upload a non-corrupted SRT file in the end (the English one)

But I wanted to clear up this problem in my head and you have done that for me

Thanks again


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