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Limit on length of videos in Amara?

Is there a limit on the length of a video.  I am captioning a video that is 3 hrs 38 minutes long.  When I save and exit it gives me an error message that my work was not saved.  Then only a portion is saved.  Also, it won't let me go to the next step of syncing..  Has anyone had this happen.  I need to get the finished for a student.  The URL is below:

Also, I have a transcript.  Instead of typing into the box I am cutting and pasting, which has worked before previous projects with no problem.  I am using Safari and Chrome.  This is the longest video I have done.  The longest has been approximately 60 minutes.  

Any information as soon as possible is greatly appreciated.  I have also submitted a ticket to get answers from tech support.  

Betty Atanasu

Captioning Coordinator

UC Berkeley

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Hi Betty

Another weird thing: your English subtitles do not show in the navbar now, though their URL -  - can be retried from the Activity subpage of the video.

But says:
"The most recent revision for this language is blank, but there are older revisions that contain subtitles. View revision history"

which says:

"Revision 16 - Yesterday

 by EE40


 Revision 15 - 06/04/2013

by EE40


And revision 15 and former ones are intact.

There has long been an Amara bug that hits and messes up other subtitle sets and their former revisions when one set of subtitles is updated by upload or rolled back - see this thread  - but this is the first time I see an upload causing the emptying of the last subs and leaving the former revisions intact.

But if you have a full transcript, why don't you just slice it in reasonable subtitle lengths and add it to your original  video, and let the YT software sync it into subtitles, as explained in the YouTube help page about transcripts ? The YouTube syncing might take a while, perhaps several hours - I don't know, I've never done it with such long videos. But it works well, provided you add the blank lines between the intended subtitles.




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