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Deletion of video

Hello, I've translated one video, and I've been told to tell you to ask about deletion of the video or stg?! I don't know why are you deleting the videos but if this is a custom then this is the link from the video I've translated

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Hi Kire

The comments on the Macedonian subtitles you mention and on the main page of that video aim at concentrating all subtitles in another Amara page, (which already has Macedonian subtitles)

Having all subtitles in one Amara page is sensible, but as to requesting the deletion of the video you mentioned, it is unfortunately more complicated. In fact the comment on its Macedonian subtitles  mentions asking

"... for the deletion of the video in the forums ...".

That comment was made 5 months ago. Now that forum URL redirects to , i.e. to the official Removing subtitles or videos   thread. And the first post of this thread has been altered by Amara on April 1st, 2013, now saying:

"Removing Videos
We generally don't encourage deletion of video entries, since this may destroy the results of other people's subtitling efforts. However, if you're the content owner and your video has been added to Amara and you'd like it removed, please submit a DMCA takedown request (see section 7 of Amara's Terms of Service) and we'll remove the video."

Therefore, in the case you mention, only the content owner of the TROM documentary can request the deletion of that Amara page for it that you mention, via that DMCA takedown request procedure.

Now a "DMCA takedown request" should only be made if something violates the content owner's copyright. Not only the two coments I mentioned do not hint at anything like a copyright violation. Moreover the "notice" tab of the About  page of the official site says:

"Since no one can own anything, I (we) do not own any materials used in this documentary, all the credits go to the people who created them."

And the credits for the Environment video whose deletion you are requesting say:

"- voice: Graham
- music: "Edward Scissorhands"Original Expanded Soundtrack
- BBC Human Planet
- Tribe meets white man for the first time - Original Footage
- Nature or Nurture
- Sebastian Seung: I am my connectome |
- Gender Identity: Is Nature vs Nurture Dead?
| Baraka- Feral Children : Oxana Malaya ( video ) / Genie ( Secret of the Wild Child )"

So going via a DMCA take down request for it would be a hell of a headache both for the person who made the video from all these materials, who denies being the content owner - and for the Amara person who would have to assess the request.

However, so far, that DMCA takedown request is the only way Amara offers for taking down an Amara video page, no matter if, as in this case, it is a simple matter of keeping all subs together.


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