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Why cannot I save & exit?

Every time I try to save my work and exit, I press save & exit but it does not work. It doesn't exit and of course not save my work. So, I eventually have to close the page and when I come back to my task, of course I have to sart over again. I don't understad why save & exit option doesn't work ? What can I do?

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 Hi, Faten,

When someone from Amara staff visits this help forum again, they'll want to know the stuff they listed in How do I ... - yeah, that's not a very explicit title - nonetheless, they'll want to have/know:

"... relevant URLs, screenshots, browser you are using, if you’ve experienced this issue before ...  what you’ve already tried".

So you might as well give that info now, because otherwise you'll have to wait for their following visit to get a reply. And as they don't often visit, that could mean weeks or even months.

Now a trick from subtitler to subtitler: when Save and Exit doesn't work:

A) If there is a "download subtitles" button on the page you're at:

  1. Click it: instead of a download dialogue, you'll see a transcript of the .srt file for the subs you've done, with above a droplist of other formats
  2. Don't mess around with the droplist: most often it doesn't work
  3. Just copy the offered transcript and paste it in a file.
  4. If you were making subs directly from the video, save the file as UTF-8 encoded plain text, with an .srt extension: you should be able to reupload the file.
  5. If you were translating from another set of subs, just save in your prefered format: you'll be able to copy-paste our new work in the translating boxes later on, when Save and Exit hopefully works again.

B) If there is no "download subtitles" button on the page you're at:

  • Disconnect your internet connection and do Save and Exit again: usually when the software finds no connection, it pops up a message suggesting you try again, with a link to "download subtitles" if the issue persists.
  • Click the download link, then etc as from A) 1. above.

I hope this helps a bit.


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