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Mixed up subtitles

 Hi! I made the Swedish subtitles on one of Alan Watts videos the other day. Today I watched the same video and the Swedish subtitles were from another video, like I did all i vain. They didn't fit at all. What's happening? I love doing subtitles, but... Greetings

Hi Anna,

I'm assuming that you mean the Swedish subtitles for "What did you forget? - Alan Watts", which,  back-translated into English via Goole Translate, are indeed irrelevant.
Now,  they are described as " translated from English. Showing Revision 0, created 03/23/2013 by SafeTex ."  and the history of revisions  shows only that irrelevant Revision 0 created by SateTex', with the mention "Uploaded".

Thus two issues have been compounded, apparently: SafeTex seems to have uploaded the wrong subtitle file by mistake AND your revision was most likely deleted by the longstanding Amara glitch that destroys or mangles previous revisions when subtitles are edited by upload or rollback - at least for us normal users.

So you could start by sending SafeTex a message , asking him/her if s/he could upload the correct subtitle file.

However, if you want your own subtitles back, you could write to Margarita Shamraeva - her e-mail is indicated in  -  because actually, sometimes the "deleted" revisions are still present on the server, and she has been able to restore them at least in one case where the apparent deletion was caused by a rollback: see A roll back destroys Spanish subs and messes up most other subs for PSY's Gangnam Style video .

Last thing: please, next time you have a query or request, give the link to the video and/or  subtitles concerned: that's one of the things the Amara staff recommended doing  in their How do I about asking questions or requesting help on this forum. And now that they haven't been responding to posts for a month,  it's up to us subtitlers to help each other, and knowing which video a query is about really simplifies things ;-)



Guess that I not only loaded up to the wrong video (which I reported) but erased Anna Roings work in the process. And to make matters even worse, I don't have any subtitles for the Alan Watts video in Swedish as I had subtitled another video and only have the subtitles for 'the Hostee Manfesto' which I did load up to the right video afterwards

I'm off to an impressive start eh?

What can I say except 'sorry' and I'll be more careful in future?

@ Anna: then do write to Margarita Shamraeva as SafeTex doesn't have the correct subtitles

@ SafeTex: If you look at the posts in the Reply here to request to Delete a video or Remove subtitles thread  you'll see that uploading the wrong file is quite common: I've done that too heaps of time. And you couldn't know that an Amara glitch would destroy Anna's former version when you tried to update them by uploading: there is nothing in the "Solutions" section nor in the Announcements board of this forum about this glitch.

@ Amara Staff: please do make an announcement about this glitch, and add a warning about it in the Solution sections following items that suggest using uploads:
And do the same about rollbacks that can have the same deleterious effect.


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