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How long does it take for a subtitled video to show??!!

I have spent the entire morning proofreading the script of a video and then subtitling it into nice chunks and adding them at appropiate times. THE FRUSTRATING thing is that the subtitles is that it hasn't appeared on the youtube video. I saved and it's seems all this hard work has been for nothing!! Is this because it has to be screened or revised by someone??

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Hi Gary,

I'm just an Amara user like you, but as I am also an admin of the Captions Requested team: thank you for the English subtitle s you made for Online Video Is HOT: Why 500 Loves Video Startups .

But maybe the subtitles you wrote about here  are the English, British subtitles for Firefox OS (added to the Mozilla Translation team)?

Anyway, in general, Amara subtitles only show on the original video if the account where the original video is published is synchronized with Amara. But in the case of Firefox OS, they don't even show automatically in the Amara player because someone has set the video language as "English", whereas the subtitles you did are in "English, British". And until a video has subtitles in the language it is meant to be in, the Amara player doesn't display any subtitles automatically: the droplist below the player says "Select Language", and you have to use that to get the subs showing (1).

However, you could solve the issue for Firefox OS, by downloading your "English, British" subtitles and re-uploading them as "English", and the software will then show the "English" subs automatically: a bit daft, but it doesn't take much time.

Last thing: neither Mozilla Translation nor Captions Requested have workflowed tasks. Among the teams you've joined, I believe only TED uses them.



(1) I've posted about a similar problem in Please change video's language from Latin to Italian , with a difference: there, the Amara software decided of its own bat that Pope Francis' inauguration speech in the Watch Pope Francis I Make His First Appearance  video is in Latin, whereas it's mostly in Italian. So until someone at Amara corrects the language for the video, my Italian subs won't show automatically, but will have to be requested via "Select Language" too.


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