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Please change video's language from Latin to Italian

Watch Pope Francis I Make His First Appearance is mainly in Italian, with the exception of the short bit with the Pope reading aloud the Urbi et Orbi blessing in Latin. But when I started the original Italian subtitles from scratch, the software had already set the original language as Latin.

This means that in the Amara player, the droplist just says "Select language" instead of already proposing Italian as first option. And as this is a PBS NewsHour video, it is annoying, because the PBS NewsHour site embeds the Amara playe, and all other embedded players there have the original language pre-selected.

Anyway when a similar issue arose previously - see Source Language Issues  -  Jules Rincón explained that when there are several languages in a video, the main one should be selected as the video language.

So can you please change the video language to Italian?

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