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How to undo Amara's "Syncing to YouTube"

Amara developers enabled  all users to sync/connect their YouTube account to Amara last December, then promoted this possibility heavily since the beginning of February: with a blog post , on Google+  and with a banner added to all Amara pages.

Several deletion requests made since February  show that sometimes people have activated this syncing without fully realizing its implications. So if you have activated this syncing but are unhappy with it, you can undo it by following the procedure described in Revoke third-party access to your account information  (Google Help):

"If you've allowed a third-party website to access one or more of your Google products, and now you want to disable that access, please use the Revoke Access feature:

  1. Sign in on the Google Accounts homepage.
  2. Click Security on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Scroll down to the Connected applications and sites section and click the Manage access button.
  4. Click Revoke Access next to the service you want to disconnect from your account."

I haven't tried this "Revoke access" procedure myself, because I didn't activate that syncing to start with, but a friend who has done so confirmed that it works.

Could Amara please add this info:
  • in the message that pops up when one tries to do the syncing from the promotion banner
  • in users' Account  page, under "Enable Amara crowd subtitles on your personal YouTube channel (beta)"
  • in the Syncing to YouTube  how-to of Amara's help?

Thank you in advance.

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 Thanks for the help.  But Amara puts a line in ALL my videos:

"Help us caption and translate this video on ....."

Is there a way to remove this frase of all my 221 videos ?

 Yikes! Sorry, I don't know. But you might wish to follow the  How to remove "Help us caption and translate this video on" spam message  discussion, started Feb 23, 2013, in the YouTube section of the Google Product Forums: maybe someone will suggest a solution.

"spam message" in the  title of that discussion is inaccurate, true: the addition of this message is clearly mentioned in the pop-up triggered by clicking the link for syncing Amara subs to YouTube videos: see attached screen capture. Hence, going ahead with the syncing means accepting this addition. And hence, this is not spam.

However,  there are now "About 7,720,000 results" for a search of "Help us caption and translate this video on" in Google, most of them videos, with this sentence replacing the author's own description in  these search engine results and in the part before "see more" of the video itselfAnd while the popup does mention this addition, it does not say that it will have that effect. 

When I started mentioning my misgivings about this syncing possibility in this forum on December 24, the same search gave "about 3,180 results"; by January 11, it gave "about 819,000 results".  How many in a month's time?

Therefore, even if this addition is not spam, it is an important issue, and both Amara and Google should work on solving it.  When YouTube automatically adds stuff to video descriptions - whether the info about remixing because you chose the YouTube Creative Commons license, or the info about how to buy copyrighted music you've used - that stuff does not replace the first part of the description.

So Google might know how to at least push down this  "Help us caption and translate this video on" addition in the lower, secondary part of the description. And Google is co-responsible for the present situation, because it accepted to implement the Amara app, both when Amara - then Universal Subtitles - only sold it to its paying enterprise customers, with the possibility to moderate what goes on YouTube, and when it generalized it to all users, but without this moderation possibility.



Is there a solution on How to remove "Help us caption..." message from the description yet?

Thanks, Mira


Not that I know of, Mira, sorry: no one from the Amara staff has responded to any thread on this forum for a month now.


Still no answer about how to remove their " help us caption and translate....." 

I do see on my account the following button: Remove a third party account

Are you sure you want to remove the Youtube account "my name" 

I dont dare to click on it as English isnt my native tongue, Not sure if I will delete my whole channel. I have written a ticket to amara monts ago but no reply whatsoever.

Please help me out here. Thanks in advance.

Ine, when you write "I do see on my account the following button:..." do you mean on your Amara account?

If yes, then the message triggered by the button is most clumsy in the best of hypotheses.

Ignore that button: you can stop the syncing from the Google/Youtube end, as explained by Google in Revoke third-party access to your account information . Moreover that explanation is available in ca 40 languages via the drop list at the bottom: I hope your language is in this list.

However, even if you do that, you'll still have to remove Amara message from your Youtube videos. But at least it will not come back.

Can I ask you a favor? Could you attach a screen capture of that message caused by the button in a reply here, please? I don't have that button in my account because I didn't do the syncing, but the message is important evidence of Amara's messiness in this YouTube syncing.

Thank you in advance



This is a 2 year old thread, but I was having this issue and revoking access from my Google account didn't solve the issue. My problem was that I still use a separate username ("Google+ page") to access YouTube instead of using my real name, so I had to find where to revoke access using that page's settings instead of my personal Google account settings.

I figured I should post here in case anyone else comes across this issue - Turns out it's in your Youtube account settings. Go to your account settings, click on "Advanced", and then click on "Authorized sites to your Google Account", at which point you can revoke access to things from a Youtube account using a separate username. The steps in the first post of this thread only work if you're using the same name on both Youtube and all other Google services instead of doing the "Use Youtube as <username>" thing.

Belated thanks, Ryan.

When I started this topic 2 years ago, I was going by what I could read so I hadn't synced my YouTube and Amara accounts, and I still haven't. This makes your hands-on indications very precious.

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