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how to find my Coursera video in Amara

Hi all,

I've uploaded a video in Coursera and tick "ready for captions". Does it mean the video has been transferred to the Amara platform?

I tried searching the video in Amara but failed. Could anyone please tell me how to find out the video i made in Coursera? Thanks a lot

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Although the Coursera Team/Community  is still listed and linked to

  • on the Amara home page   under "See how these companies use Amara to caption and subtitle more effectively - Pro Services" and
  • on the Pro Services/Enterprise  page itself, under "a few of our customers"

This  Coursera Team/Community  page now says: "Sorry, the page you requested was not found."

How come?

True, Coursera stopped adding videos to their Amara team at the end of February and announced on March 1st 2013 in their general wiki that they were "transitioning away from Amara to an internal tool" that would enable "teaching staff/instructors to have control over uploading subtitles" and "allow an [sic] crowdsourced effort to create foreign language subtitles in the future." 

But they also said "All existing translations that have been created will continue to exist without any changes." And that obtains, in so far that  videos that were formerly gathered in the Coursera Amara team are still present in Amara, but scattered any how.  And that's not userfriendly for volunteer subtitlers who had gone on using the team, nor for the many students of concluded courses who used the team in order to at least access the courses' videos, as the Coursera pages for a concluded course become inaccessible to its students.

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