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Subtitle restoration request

  1. Video:
  2. Subtitles concerned: Spanish and German subtitles
  3. My username: calmansi.
  4. The Spanish and German subtitles were translated from the "English, British" subtitles. A roll back of the "English" subtitles replaced their last versions by a timed-text version "by retired user" that does contain all the previously made subs, but can only be edited in the transcription widget. So please restore them to their previous version, where they  could be edited in the translation interface, including all their revisions.


A) Maggie S was able to restore the previous revisions of the Spanish subtitles for the PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V  video when they too got deleted by a roll back that produced a "retired user"'s revision: see the last comments of A roll back destroys Spanish subs and messes up most other subs for PSY's Gangnam Style video . The two cases are slightly different, in that the Spanish subs for Gangnam Style were done as timed text. But I hope the previous revisions of the Spanish and German subtitles of can be restored as translations from "English, British" subs.
Update: sorry, I should have checked: the Spanish subtitles for the Gangnam Style video that got messed up were also translated subtitles, and Maggie S was able to restore both their revisions 0 and 1 as translated subtitles, editable in the translation widget. So what happened to the German and Spanish subs of "The Collapse of the American Dreams" seems to be exactly the same case.

B) I do not understand how a roll back of the "English" subs could affect subtitles that were being translated from the "English, British" subs. In reply to a ticket  I submitted (1) about yet another instance of this glitch (in the French subtitles  of the Decay movie) -  Jules Rincón wrote (Jan 8, 2012): "This is a known effect of changing a language with dependents, particularly when they are in process." However, in the cases  of  both the French subs for the Decay movie and of  the German and Spanish subs of "The American Dream", the language that was changed was NOT the one they were dependents of.
So can you PLEASE explain clearly when roll backs, uploads etc are safe and when they cause this glitch that creates  retired user's versions in the rolled back subtitles and in other subtitles, and deletes their former revisions.

C) The first time I saw - and reported - that very serious glitch was in August 2012: see e.g. History of revisions messed up by the software , Aug. 27, 2012. Jules Rincón replied on the same day: "It is not normal behavior and I hope we soon have it resolved." In her reply to the ticket mentioned under B), she added: "This is not something we are fixing in the current model, as we are focusing on changing the system to make languages more "independent" of each other, so that while they can be used for translations, changes on one do not have destructive effects on others.".
Changing the system to restore the independence of subtitles as it was in Universal Subtitles and in the first times of Amara, before the developers deliberately made them interdependent in mysterious ways and caused that glitch, is certainly a good idea. However, how many subtitles, other than the ones I have seen and reported, have been messed up by that interdependence since August 2012?
So in the meantime, please use the messaging space on top of Amara pages to warn all users about the glitch, with a link to a help forum message where you'll give the explanations suggested in point B).

(1) That ticket was  . But only people working for Amara can see it..

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