Amara is a collaborative platform (like Wikipedia) where anyone can join in and create subtitles and make content more accessible.

When you submit a video, it creates a public page for that video on Amara. On this page anyone (including you) can create captions and translations for the video.

A few related questions:

  • Can any person edit my subtitles?
    • Can I make my video private?
      • Amara is primarily designed to be an open and public resource. However, there are Amara Enterprise teams  (see link above) that can enable privacy.
    • When and where will the Amara subtitles be displayed?
    • Can I delete my video from Amara?
      • Amara is a collaborative platform, if you remove a video, you might delete someone else's contribution. Therefore, we ask that you do not remove videos once they have been added to Amara. Please ensure you agree to the Amara Terms of Service and are comfortable making your video available for captioning and translation for the long haul, before you submit the video. Thanks!