Amara is a collaborative platform (like Wikipedia) where anyone can join in and create subtitles and make content more accessible. When you submit a video, you have your choice of public or private options for the video you want to add to Amara.

If you would like to add the video to the Amara Public area you can Sign Up for Free to get started contributing to Amara Public Videos.


To add a Video to Amara

After creating an Amara Account:

  1. Go to the Public Workspace
  2. Select the Your Videos tab
  3. Select Add Videos 
  4. Copy and Paste the URL from the public hosting site

Note Amara does not host videos and you cannot upload your videos directly from your computer to Amara.


What URL do I use to add a video?

Popular Video Hosting Sites

If you're using a service, like YouTube or Vimeo, just paste in the URL from the webpage with the video on it.

YouTube URL example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgfi7wnGZlE

Other Videos

If you're hosting your own video, using a custom video player, or a host like BrightCove we'll need a direct URL to the video file (eg. URL should end in .mp4, .flv, .ogg etc).

Video URL example:  http://www.archive.org/download/MickeyMouse-RunawayTrain/Film-42.mp4

Note: Amara does not host videos — we simply overlay subtitles & tools on top of videos, wherever they're hosted. We use html, css, and javascript to overlay subtitles and interfaces on existing videos. You can also use our API to display subtitles on top of a custom video player (Flash or HTML5), app, or anywhere else!


  •  A URL from one of the following supported sites will be accepted

    • Youtube.com

    • Vimeo.com


  • Or you can enter a URL for a video in one of the supported formats

    • Theora (ogg, ogv)

    • WebM

    • MP4

    • FLV


  • Also, you can submit audio files in MP3 format.

A few related questions:

  • Can any person edit my subtitles?

  • Can I make my video private?

    • Amara is primarily designed to be an open and public resource. However, there are Amara Enterprise team options that can enable privacy.
  • When and where will the Amara subtitles be displayed?
    • By default, subtitles are only on Amara.
  • Can I delete my video from Amara?

    • Amara is a collaborative platform, if you remove a video, you might delete someone else's contribution. Therefore, we ask that you do not request to remove videos once they have been added to Amara if contributions have been made by other members. 

    • Please ensure you agree to the Amara Terms of Service and are comfortable making your video available for captioning and translation for the long haul, before you submit the video. 


Thank you for your support of an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback!

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