Have a fairly large viewership already and a lot of video content? 

We want to help you reach an even bigger audience!

Learn about Amara Enterprise

Address all of your localization needs with one powerful technology.

  • Amara Enterprise enables you to manage your own team of linguists, vendors, and/or volunteers to localize your content. 

  • The Enterprise platform offers a secure and private workspace, along with tools and workflows for team management. 

  • Connect your own CMS quickly and easily with our robust API, or use our intuitive interface.  Amara provides a REST API to interact with the site. Please contact us at enterprise@amara.org if you’d like to use the Amara API for commercial purposes.


Email yt-enterprise@amara.org if you have questions, want more channel integrations, or advanced workflows.


Learn how to manage your Amara Enterprise team

  • Add videos to your team manually or automatically

  • Create subtitle requests manually or automatically

  • Manage team roles and assignments

  • Start working on subtitles

  • Go to your Team Workspace to get started: 

Top navigation on amara with team workspace highlighted

  • Find your team under Teams you manage 

  • Click the Go to team link: 

Go to team link highlighted on team card under teams you manage in team workspace on amara

Who can add videos to your team?

The team’s settings determine who can add videos to your team. 

  • Administrators and owners can always add videos, and managers can be allowed based on settings. 

  • Team admins and owners can go to Team Settings Permissions to view and change the team’s settings.

Where can I add videos to my team? 

  • Add by URLs on  the Videos tab

  • Automatically from video hosting sites on Settings > Integrations

  • Using RSS video feeds on Settings > Feeds

Add videos on the Team Management page

  • Go to your Videos page > click the Add videos link:

Add videos button highlighted on videos tab of amara community team

How many videos can I add?

You can add multiple videos from Amara and other sites. 

  • Click the Add multiple video URLs tab in the dialog box and enter one URL per line.

Add Video dialog box with add multiple video URLs option highlighted

Troubleshoot adding videos to your team

  • Videos must be embeddable

  • Amara.org does not host video or audio records

    • We only store subtitles and some related data

    • Amara plays videos from their source location

  • Whitelist www.amara.org for embedding on video source site

Video hosting site integrations

To add a video feed from its hosting site, your Amara Team must be authorized to import videos.

  • Go to Settings Integrations to set up automatic video import.

Settings tab on Amara Community team with Youtube Channel tab and Add YouTube Channel button hightlighted

When linking your YouTube channel to your team, you can choose to import videos, subtitles, and auto-captions automatically. If all of the videos on your channel are in the same language, you can set your channel language to automatically set video language when you import. You can also choose to export subtitles to YouTube when they are completed on Amara.

Link YouTube channel modal in Amara team with importing and exporting options for videos and subtitles.

Add members to your Amara Enterprise team

You can choose how new members join your team in the main Settings page. Invite members or accept applications to start building your team of subtitle contributors.

  • View your current members on the Members tab in your team.

  • Filter, sort, and search for members in your team in the Members tab. 

  • Click on a member to view their profile which can show you their activity and languages. 

  • Click the green Invite members button to invite members or review applications. 

Members page on community team with invite members button and member row highlighted

Create subtitle requests and assignments

  • Go to Settings Workflows to create requests automatically:

Auto-create subtitles settings and save changes button highlighted on settings page of amara enterprise team

Or you can create subtitle requests manually in your team Videos page. You can create requests for several videos at a time in multiple subtitle languages. 

In the Create New Requests dialog box:

  • Select the video you want subtitles for

  • Select subtitle languages for the selected videos

  • Choose the work teams that will complete the subtitle requests

  • (Optional) If you are an admin of multiple teams, you can select Evaluation teams to perform quality assurance

Learn more about working with multiple Amara Teams or contact enterprise@amara.org for guidance.

Quality assurance assignments

To boost subtitle quality, you can add review or approval steps to your workflow.

  • Go to the Settings > Workflows page. 

  • If you add review assignments to your workflow, there will be a subtitling assignment and a review assignment ready for your members to complete for each language that you request.

  • After one contributor completes their subtitles, another can review the subtitles to verify accuracy or fix errors. 

Workflow setting options in amara enterprise teams

Member Roles

Team member roles allow managers and admins control their workflow and access to assignments. 

  • Go to Settings Permissions page to view different roles and change their permissions to fit your ideal workflow. 

Here are just a couple of useful scenarios where member roles can help your team achieve success:

  • A Language Manager has the responsibility to complete review assignments in their language

  • Limited Contributor is a great role for beginners because in that role members cannot take review or approval assignments

Change Plan or Order Subtitles

To update your payment method, add seats, or add languages for your Amara Enterprise team, click Subtitle Orders at the top of the page.

Subtitle Orders tab highlighted in Amara team page

You can also order subtitles from Amara's professional subtitling service, Amara On Demand, from this page. Amara On Demand's linguists work in their native language to transcribe, translate, and review high-quality subtitles for local audiences to enjoy. Select the videos that you want to order subtitles for, then specify the languages and additional details, review your order, and submit your subtitle order. 

Currently, Enterprise teams can only order English, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Arabic, Russian, French, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). To request subtitles from Amara On Demand in other languages, fill out this form on Amara. 

Contributing to Amara Enterprise Teams

Managers, Administrators, and Owners of Amara teams must request subtitles in a language before team members can start work on that language.

  • Visit your team dashboard to find available assignments:

  • View details before you claim assignments. 

  • Or click the Find more assignments link to view all assignments. 

  • To view all of the subtitles you have worked on for your team;

  • Click the See All link in the history section.

To view all team videos, click Videos at the top of the page. Click on the video title to go to the video page and view a list of assignments for that video. 

Thank you for your contributions to support an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!


If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback!

  • To submit a quick ticket, click No in the Did you find it helpful link below.