While you are working on subtitles, you keep saving new versions on the server by clicking Save button. In between, your work gets automatically saved in the local storage of your Web browser at frequent interval. This is done to preserve your work from being lost if your browser or computer crashes before you can click Save or you have a blackout.

If the browser with the subtitle editor and unsaved subtitles in it crashed, you can restore the subtitles as follows:

1. As soon as possible, open the same subtitle set for editing on the same computer and in the same Web browser. 

Important: Do not edit other subtitles in the same browser before you have restored the unsaved work!

2. You will see the following dialog when you re-open the subtitle editor:

Click Restore to recover all except maybe the last minute of your interrupted work session. (A click on Discard erases the backup from your computer and loads the last saved version for this subtitle set from the server.)

3. After this, make sure to immediately save your subtitles by clicking Save button! If you close the subtitle editor without saving, the backup of your precious work will be discarded.