While you are working on subtitling or translating a video, it is best practice to frequently click the Save button in the Amara Editor. Each time you save in the editor, a new version of your subtitles is saved to the server without overwriting the previous version, which also remains stored on the server. These are called subtitle versions or revisions.


A subtitle version includes the subtitle text, subtitle timing, and video title and description in the language of the subtitles. Multiple versions of the same subtitles can be shown on the subtitle language page. You can compare two subtitle versions and also roll back to a previous version if you need to quickly restore a different version of the subtitles.

View, Compare and Rollback Subtitle Versions

View Subtitle Versions

View and compare subtitle versions by going to the the video page and then clicking the subtitle language on the right panel:

 Amara video page screenshot where you can select incomplete or completed subtitles languages.


On the subtitle page you can see who created each version, when it was created, and how it was created (you will see the words EditedUploaded, or API  to indicate how it was created). You can click any revision (subtitle version) to view it, or check any two revisions to compare them. 

Compare Subtitle Versions

Click the Compare revisions link on the subtitle page to get started:

Amara subtitle language page where you can see all revisions on captions.


  1. Then select a maximum of two subtitle versions.

  2. Select the Compare button:

Screenshot of a Compare Revisions pop out window to select revisions you want to compare or rollback

Note: You are not limited to only comparing consecutive revisions; for example, you can compare Revision 6 to Revision 1.


The Compare Revisions page opens. Any changes between the two versions will show in the more recent version on the right side of the page. 

  1. Changes to subtitles appear in red text. 

  2. Changes to synchronization appear as a dotted red square around the start and end times:

Two subtitles compared. Highlighted are the red text that denotes changes to subtitles, and the dotted red square that denotes changes to synchronization.


Note: Title and description changes are not marked in red on the Compare Revisions page. If you change the title or description of the video while in the Amara Editor, this applies to all versions of subtitles in that subtitle language.

Rollback to an Earlier Subtitle Version

You can revert to an older version of your subtitles. This can be useful if the most current revision has errors or changes that can’t be easily fixed in the editor.

To revert to an older version of your subtitles click the Rollback to version #  button from within the Compare Revisions window:

Rollback to earlier version links screenshot


When you click this button, Amara will create a new subtitle version after the last one, and it will be identical to the set you've selected to rollback to.  For example, if you currently have 5 subtitle versions and you choose Rollback to version 4, a new version named Revision 6 will be created, and it will be identical to the subtitles in version 4. 


Please note that the previous revisions will not be destroyed when you choose to rollback to a previous version; they will remain visible in the revision history. If you really need to completely hide a particular version from view, please send the following in an email to support@amara.org:

  • The Amara URL of the video (example link).

  • Your username.

  • Reason for requesting a Revision be hidden.

When you’re finished comparing revisions scroll to the top of the page and click on either Return to Subtitles or Compare other revisions:

Compare Revisions page with the options Return to Subtitles and Compare other revisions highlighted


If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback.

  • To submit a quick ticket, click No in the Did you find it helpful link below.

Thank you for your support of an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!