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Tv voice translater

I would like to learn where I can buy a real time tv voice translated from English to Hungarian

Thank you for your interesting question, Lazlo Mandity. 

Unfortunately I am unable to answer it: I'm in charge of answering queries about the Amara tool. I hope someone else will be able to give you an answer.



Thanks I'll keep looking

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I also want to buy it. Have you found it yet? I would be happy if you could share.

happy wheels

Hi Lazlo and Juan,

Our apologies the original question was missed. Amara offers translations from the source language to many other languages through Amara On Demand professional subtitles. You can submit a quote request for captions and subtitles for any content you desire. We do not currently offer live or simultaneous caption services, but I'm sure a web search will offer you a variety of options for live captioning services if that is what you need.



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