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is it possible to translate the audio of movie into other language?

dear friends

need to know if there is any tool where the audio dialogues of any video or movie can be translated into other language? 

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i think my translation in that pad some parts are not sure where though. 

I would still need the Italian autogenerated subtitles in order to check. (my Italian is almost at native speaker level).



Hi Claude 

Did you check the new link?

i think there should be Italian auto subtitle here

Hi Johnny

Yes, there are Italian subtitles there, but unfortunately RAI blocked the YouTube video.

Nonetheless, I'll be able to use your video attachment with the Italian subs to check the subs with VLC. Then we can use to check the translation.

It might take some time though, but I promise to do my best.


Thank you very much Claude...yes the series was only available in Italy and Poland and my friend happen to have these series long time not sure how he got it, but possibly download. 

There are 6 episodes though which i need to have the subs. But if there is a particular line that i really dont know, is it alright to ask you?

Sure, Johnny. I hope I'll be able to help, though. 

I had a go with your <>, initially messing up the upload of your English subtitles over the Italian ones (don't worry, I corrected that).  Then I stopped at a place where the automated Italian subtitles were wrong. So I checked the audio file, and I think I'll be able to go on.

The problem with TV series is that they love to have heaps of sounds - street noises, dogs barking etc, at times even background music. So if you can view them, you can more or less follow.  But not if you are sight-impaired or doing something else. And of course, all this also interferes with automated captions.



Thanks alot Claude. Yes it sure does with automated captions. Those background noises interrupt alot, so for me its very difficult to translate. I havent been able to continue as i was busy working at home, but for the coming weeks i will be able to proceed with the next scene. 

Dear Friends Related to Softwear field . Please Tell me is it possible in future that any softwear will be made which convert any video Language like same as human with same voice, speed, pitch, frequency as it in video any one tell me chances of that invention ? Thanks .

Thank you for this interesting question, M. Usama.

What you describe may not be possible right now,  However, AI now enables people to make celebrities say what they never said in their own voice - see Watch Jordan Peele use AI to make Barack Obama deliver a PSA about fake news (James Vincent, The Verge) Apr 17, 2018). As to the audio fake, it works by storing speech fragments together with the relevant text transcript in a database. Then the text transcript can be modified, and the new transcript gets voiced by an app that uses the database.

So it's not entirely inconceivable that in future, the same pattern could be used to artificially make people  say translated versions of what they actually said. Nevertheless, there are hurdles: pitch patterns and word lengths are language-related. So keeping them identically in the translation would probably sound rather weird.



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