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is it possible to translate the audio of movie into other language?

dear friends

need to know if there is any tool where the audio dialogues of any video or movie can be translated into other language? 

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Hi.I have begun using Amara to translate and subtitle a video that has no human-inserted English captions, only auto. I know the auto isn't great but is there a way to have it inserted in the translation platform, it would greatly facilitate my translation, of course while listening to the audio as well. Thank you,Elisa

Hi Elisa, 

Thank you for having posted this also on the forum, which will allow me to refer to your question if someone else asks. 

100% safe: 
  • If the video is on YouTube, you can activate the  transcript generated by the automatic captions: click on the ... under  the player, right, then click on Open Transcript. 
  • When the transcript appears, click on the vertical ...  right and choose "Toggle timestamps" to remove the timestamps: you can  now copy the transcript and paste it in a .txt file.
  • Make sure that the subtitle lines are separated by a blank line and save as an UTF8 encoded .txt file
  • Upload the .txt file to your Amara page. (*). The  generated captions won't be timed, but it perhaps does not matter all  that much if what you're interested in is the translated subtitles.

Very safe (at least I never had issues with it):

  • Download the automatic captions with (no need to sign up)
  • Upload the downloaded .srt caption file to your Amara page  (*) The captions will be synced, which is nice if someone else is  interested in syncing them per se.



(*) In both cases, I upload the captions to Amara as  being in one of the "Metadata" languages  (not Metadata  Audiodescription, because that's real, bt say, Metadata Geo) and I  indicate in the description that they are automatically generated, lest  others be puzzled ;)

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