Hire an expert and trust your projects to our professional team of linguists! For over 10 years, Amara On Demand has been delivering high-quality subtitles to companies in all industries, institutions and universities.

  • 1,000,000 Total Minutes Subtitled Over The Last 4 Years

  • Translation for 50+ languages and more upon request

  • Multiple options for whatever your project needs. 

Amara on Demand Subtitling Services

Our professional subtitlers can help with a wide range of services, including:

  • Video captions

    • 100% human captions starts at $2.50/minute

  • Video translations (Subtitles)

    • 100% human subtitles starts at $7.50/minute without review

    • 100% human subtitles starts at $9.00/minute with review

  • Video auto-captions with human proofreading

    • AI and human check for text accuracy; $1.25/minute

  • Video auto-captions

    • Automatically generate captions. Starts at $0.25/minute as part of Amara Plus plan

  • Video transcript creation

    • Starts at $1.50/minute

  • Text translations

    • 100% human translation starts at $0.14/word

Delivery options

Choose from a variety of formats;

  • Closed Caption files to be delivered to your workspace for download. 

    • The Amara On Demand service includes a private space on the Amara platform to view, edit and download your subtitles whenever you need them in any or all subtitle formats (SRT, DFXP, SBV, web VTT, TXT, and SSA). 

    • Please, also inquire about custom caption/subtitle formats such as SCC, CAP, ITT and many others.

  • Captions and subtitles automatically published on your hosting site.

    • We offer an integration to YouTube and Vimeo that allows your subtitles to be published automatically on your channel once complete.

  • Burned-in Open Captions for your video to always display the captions or subtitles. 

  • Text document translations delivered to your choice of locations.

Order from Amara On Demand

If you still have any questions please email us at aod-support@amara.org and we’ll be happy to help!