Thank you for your interest in Amara! 

We are looking for individuals over 18 years of age with strong English skills and experience in captioning/subtitling videos who can translate, review, and edit subtitles for special projects.

This is a paid position. We are looking for extremely reliable individuals who are passionate about making video content available to more people around the world. 

We accept applications from native speakers of any language. Some languages are needed as soon as possible, and others for projects in the future. Right now we especially need native speakers of  Arabic, Bahasa, Bulgarian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish (Spain & Latin America), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese  — please get in touch if you are interested!

Email us at Use this as the Subject line: "Translators With Amara Experience Needed (your native language)". This will ensure that your application is forwarded to the right person and gets reviewed promptly. We would love to know a little more about you. Please answer all of the following questions in list form or risk not being contacted:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your Amara username. You can find it on your profile page right under the About header. The red arrow in the photo below is pointing to where you can find your username. It's the one in parentheses.

  3. Your preferred email address. Please do not answer "This is my email." Sometimes our email forwarding system does not include your email address, so please include it in the body of your email. If you don't, we may have no way to reach you.
  4. Your Skype ID.
  5. Your native language. If your native language is spoken in more than one country (e.g. Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese), please include your country of origin.
  6. Your skills in other languages (if you have any language proficiency certifications, please list them).
  7. When you would be ready to start with us.
  8. How many hours per week you can contribute.
  9. Do you have any skills or expertise that would be good to note (such as  a background in medicine, computer science, engineering, politics, etc.)? Please elaborate.
  10. Do you currently volunteer for any teams on Amara? If not, where did you hear about this opportunity? 
  11. REQUIRED: If you have used Amara before, please let us know if work samples can be found on your profile. If you have not used Amara before, we need to see samples of your work made with the use of Amara. So please select two short (under one minute) videos from YouTube and subtitle them by going to, clicking 'Subtitle Video' on the top bar, and following the instructions there.
  • The videos must be in English (uncaptioned, although automatic captions are OK).
  • If your native language is English, please caption these videos in English.
  • If your native language is other than English, please subtitle the video in your native language. There will be no need to create English captions in this case.
  • When you finish the video on Amara, you'll land on a page for the video that shows a small video player and a transcript of your subtitles. Please send us the link to that page for each of your two videos.

Thank you for your interest in joining Amara's subtitling team! 

Best regards,

Amara On Demand Recruiting Manager