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How come the Amara software created a (redundant) subtitling page from the URL of a Web page?

Chronologically (I hope):
  1. On Oct. 18, the normally working page was created (from the file and English subs were added to it by upload.
  2. That Amara page's player was embedded in : a URL that looks like the one of a video file, but is actually the URL of a Web page.
  3. On Oct. 19, the page was created, but from the Web page URL so the video does not play in the player.
  4. English, British subs were added to that second page twice simultaneously (software glitch? it's happened before with other uploaded subs(

Re 3.: shouldn't the Amara software refuse to create a subtitling page from the URL of a Web page, even if that URL looks like one for a video file?

Hello Claude, thank you for bringing this to our attention:

We do have some checks to make sure content that gets added to Amara is video content, but  the extra checks to keep this specific scenario from happening are something that would be more complex and heavier for our site. 

In other cases, there are videos that our servers can't see (because they require authentication to a third party site) and it would not allow for these videos to be added. 

So in the meantime, what we recommend is for users to make sure they are adding a video file, and because this is a very rare occurrence, solving these issues as they show up.
Hi Claude, 

Thanks for letting us know about this. I have approached EngageMedia to resolve this and have also reported the bug.
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