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Removal from the Music Captioning team of the videos I had added to it

[What follows is a copy of a message I'm sending to the members of the Music Captioning team. I am adding it here too, because should they wish to discuss it, it's easier to do it here than via Amara messaging, which is asymetric: only admins can message all members of a team]

Hi, members of the Music Captioning team,

Twelve days ago, I sent you a message entitled "Please, do NOT create tasks for videos". Sorry about that: it was not any of you who did that, but a glitch in the part concerning teams of the Amara software: you probably have noticed the banner about draft status and the disabling of the editing link in almost all subs created or edited since June 6 at least. Some of you have found workarounds, but workarounds are unsatisfactory, and the Amara software has now put paid to the main one (marking subs as complete used to prevent the imposition of the draft status, but it doesn't work anymore since June 14)
Moreover, this draft status imposition does not only affect the subtitlers, but more crucially, people who need captions/subtitles: subs marked as draft don't work in the player, and the transcript produced by them is only viewable by the team members.
As the videos I've added to the Music Captioning team are not mine, I cannot in conscience continue to impose on them the above described effects of this glitch, so I am removing them from the team.
Their URLs remain the same, your subtitling work on them is preserved: the only difference is that subtitling and editing subtitles for them is now glitch-free: no more draft status notices, no more disabled Edit subtitles links.
I made a list of them in for easy finding, and in order to be able to re-add them  when the Amara developers have removed that glitch: I hope soon.
I'm posting a copy of this message on the Amara Help forum (in ), where it is easier to discuss this message than via the Amara messaging.
Claude Almansi

Thanks, Darren, for doing what you can to keep the teams usable in spite of the glitch: little-Dutch-boy heroic of you, with a variant: by now new leaks keep appearing in the dyke after you plug one with a finger, and drench you throughout.  You probably look forward to the developers' overall solution even more than we users do.
Thanks also for the replies you are now giving in this Amara help forum.

Thanks for posting this for everyone, and helping communicate what type of difficulties/glitches are currently in place.

Right now, there are tasks being made by Amara that are not supposed to exist. Myself and other admins can delete them, but often times this creates a revision that is marked as a "DRAFT" and is not editable. Sometimes, as I think Claude has mentioned previously, the "DRAFT" indication and non-editable revision will occur without a task being created by Amara. Our developers know about this, and I have been making sure they understand the high importance of getting this fixed.

In the meantime, I am capable of performing manual fixes to revisions that experience this unfortunate glitch, and am happy to do so for any team that reports this to me.

Lastly, I want to apologize for the absence of Amara staff on the forums-- this is a way of the past. I now have access to the forums, and will be checking them regularly to help users with support questions.


Hi Claude

Thanks for your work and effort here. Now I've joined the team I can see all the problems you mention. So presently I'm only transcribing videos outside of the team as it is too problematic as you rightly point out. If this is open and participatory as it should be and if it is going to work, then you can't have restrictions that prevent editing. Thank you for pioneering this and hopefully your concerns will be taken on board and sorted out.

Best wishes
Richard Gresswell

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