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Music Captioning team questions and issues

This thread is primarily for questions and issues within the Music Captioning team - .
In fact, Amara messaging only allows team admins to message all team members, whereas members and managers can only write to one person at a time: this is a bit awkward for collaboration.
So if you have a question or an issue concerning the Music Captioning team in general, or even one of its videos, please write it in a reply to this message, using one reply for each question / issue.
If you cannot post easily here*, you can e-mail me at and I'll post your question for you.

* See Test - posting with an android tablet: I don't know if other browsers than the android one have similar issues.

The error feedback form also appears on, the page of the the "Seeing music" project of the team. And the Amara software has twice assigned tasks that don't go away when you click on remove them, and leave the subtitle set uneditable: see my 3rd and 4th posts in the "(in progress)" ghost subtitles" thread.
I'm getting an error feedback form for the main page of the Music Captioning team -  - though  I can view all the subpages of Music Captioning when I am signed in as an admin. I can view it normally when I am signed out.
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