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Screening for inappropriate content?

Is there a process Amara uses to screen videos before posting them for captioning or subtitling? For example, are the screened for graphic content, vulgar language, etc.?

I ask because I work in an educational setting and would like to connect teen and adult students with this project and would want to make sure the content in the videos is appropriate accordingly.

Thank you.

Yes, MS, you could  either choose Amara video pages that have not been captioned ye,, or create new Amara pages for your students.  In the second case, you can even add a request to leave the captioning to your student.. 

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I am new to Amara, so I have a question: are you saying that I (or another educator) could assign students particular videos to caption? Would that happen just by directing them to the link on the Amara website, or would we be able to sort of "claim" that video to work on? What I am getting at is this: let's say I assign them a video via a link; is it possible that the video would already be completed by someone else by the time the student got there? 

I suppose what this suggests is a need to create a sort of playlist of vetted videos for my classes to work on, is that right?



Thank you for this interesting question, MS.

Videos  are not hosted by Amara, they are streamed to Amara from their hosting  site. So the hosting sites are answerable for the  content of the videos  streamed to Amara.

Now, if your  students are teen and adult, wouldn't they understand this streaming  process? I mean should they happen on an Amara page that streams a  graphic or vulgar video, wouldn't they understand that the video is  actually hosted elsewhere? And should they or their parents complain,  couldn't you explain that for school, the students are meant to stick to  the pages assigned to them?



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