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New content for Arte team

Hello there. I'm wondering if it's possible to refresh the whole channel with new content for translation. It's really a pity to see the same stuff from two years ago.

Thank you, Thanassis.

I'll try, but I don't think it's going to make any difference.

Oh, I see.  Indeed. Sorry I can't help, but you could send  an Amara message to one of the owners of the Arte team, maybe referring  her/him to this forum discussion? Meanwhile, I took the liberty to add "Arte team" in the title of your topic.



Yeah, you're right. By the channel I mean ARTE. That's the one.

Thank you for your suggestion Thanassis, but could you be more precise? 

As new videos continuously appear in the general Amara "Recent videos" section, you seem to refer to a particular team with the word "channel". Could you please indicate which team?

Thank you in advance

Claude Almansi

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