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How to add subtitle tool to my website videos

Hello community! 

This is harry king from London. i work as marketing head in a shopfront company in UK . Now we are trying to expand our business through online marketing for this purpose we are trying to add videos in our website in different languages targeting three to four areas around us so that we can advertise .

can someone help  me how to add subtitle tool in my website  so that it can subtitle and translate the videos . 

also i want it to be of minimum  size so that my website don't lags . is it possible?

Thank you, marie jane. However it is unsurprising that the geek squad couldn't help you: they are into hardware and system support, not into specific software/app issues. Please follow the link I indicated in my repy to harryking. If there are things you don't understand in this resource, please ask again here.

It is very hard to add subtitle tools to website videos but when someone guides you, you can easily learn it. I have contacted the geek squad team to learn about it but failed to get a proper answer. I request you please provide me the answer if you got any.

Hi harryking

Can we perhaps start from How to integrate Amara with my website?, please? It should explain how to do what you want to. But please come back here to ask further if the indications are not clear to you, or if they do not work with your website.



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