Link your Amara Account with hosting websites

You have the option to sync subtitles to a video hosting website and then embed the video as you normally would.

Linking Vimeo and Amara accounts

Linking YouTube and Amara accounts  

Use Amara embed code to display the Amara tab on your site  

Our current embedder is more reliable, with a cleaner look and additional features compared to the old version, such as the interactive transcript viewer. 

To have the Amara tab appear on almost any video player use the steps below to add Amara embed code to your site.

The embedder enables viewers to access subtitles in any language that's available, improve the subtitles, download them, or view them as a transcript:

To embed a video from Amara:

Step 1: paste this in your document somewhere (closest to the closing body tag is preferable):

<script type="text/javascript" src=''>

Step 2: paste this inside your HTML body where you want to include the videos, with the video URL, height, and width of your choosing:

<div class="amara-embed" data-height="480px" data-width="854px" data-url="">

How do I find embed code?

Embed code can be found on every video page (example), under the "Embed Code" header in the left column. Paste this code wherever you'd like the video embed to appear. Also check out this link for more  advanced embedding options.


Selecting a Default Language

If you'd like the embedded video to default to a particular language when a viewer clicks Play, add data-initial-language=[language] to "amara-embed" tag, where [language] is the language code, such as "en" for English.

Privacy using the Amara Embedder

As long as the video is in the public space, anyone can edit the subtitles, and these edits will be reflected in the embedder. However, you can roll back any unwanted changes with the following steps.

1. Choose Language you want to revert

2. Click on Revisions Tab

3. Choose revision to revert to.


  • This will make whichever revision you choose display as the most current, overriding any changes made by others in a single mouse click.  
  • To completely protect the subtitles from unwanted changes - even temporary ones, take a look at Amara Enterprise Platform options or try hosting the video's on another platform you can control contributions on such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Why isn't the embed code working for me?

  • Non-functioning embed code is often due to a CMS not allowing <script> tags, or a WYSIWYG visual editor breaking the embed code.
  • doesn't allow <script> tags (but self-hosted WordPress sites do).  Many self-hosted WordPress sites have a WYSIWYG visual editor enabled for posts, but you'll need to make sure that the plain html editor is enabled, and that someone doesn't come in and accidentally open the post w/ the visual editor, which will break the embed code.

Integrate Amara with any video player using API

Finally, you can get the subtitle file, via download or API Documentation, and integrate it with any video player in a totally seamless fashion.