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Slower playing speed (dev question)

I want to change the speed of the video while transcribing it. I think it should be possible in some cases, if I can access the JavaScript instance of the Popcorn video object (through Popcorn.js's playbackRate(rate), or through showing the default Youtube control bar).

Ideally I could do it in a Greasemonkey script or at least in the JavaScript console. But unfortunately I couldn't find a way to access the Popcorn object or the VideoPlayer object, even after looking at the code on GitHub. Does anyone (a developer ?) have any tip ?


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Congratulations and great thanks, jlgrall. Can this be implemented in the editor as default? (Sorry, I'm code-illiterate and don't even know how to start setting up a javascript console).




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I got it working. I can change the playback rate from a JavaScript console. See my comment on GitHub:

I got it working from a javascript console. See: Support slow motion for transcription #1820

Sure, thanks for the answer !

I finally took some time to hack a JavaScript snippet to find an object in a webpage.

I found the following objects with properties "play" and "pause":

Popcorn.p // That must be the Popcorn prototype

But they seem to be only proxies to the real objects. Thus, I had no luck trying to change the playbackRate, nor trying to show the youtube controls...



 Thank you for this topic, jlgrall.

I was going to suggest you add a comment to Support slow motion for transcription #1820 on GitHub, but you have already done so. This possibility to change the video speed would indeed be most useful: already via accessing the commands of the YouTube video, but it would be even better if it could be done via a native Amara option, so that it also works with non-YouTube videos.



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