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Locked subtitle?

I started to do subtitles in Swedish for a video last night and wanted to continue today but it said i couldn´t edit it because it is locked? 

How can i edit the subtitles again?

Thank you!

Hi Marie,

Someone else was probably already working on the Swedish subtitles: see the history of their revisions in . Only one person can work within the editing tool at one time. 




I have the same problem.

I have been working of the following video but I can no longer edit it.

It has passed over 4 weeks but by a few days! I wish to continue and complete my task:
Rie Hiramatsu edited 日本語 subtitles for Math is the hidden secret to understanding the world | Roger Antonsen | TEDxOslo

I had only a few minutes left to do!!

I really love to finish it.
Please help.


Thank you for your message, Rie.

I don't quite understand what happened, because the task for translating into Japanese the subtitles of this video - - says "Assigned to Rie Hiramatsu - Due in 4 weeks, 1 day". So you should still be able to work on this translation.

If not: as you also created a ticket #90191 about this issue, it will go to Amara's tech staff who will look into it anyway.


Claude Almansi


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