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Video info shows twice in the subtitles transcript + once on the left

Until recently, when you reached stage 3 "Edit video information", the existing video info streamed from the original video would show, and you could modify it. But when I did the English subtitles for "Lynne Dawson sings Ralph Vaughan Williams's "The lark in the clear air", the Title and Description fields of stage 3 were empty, so I filled them again. And now this information appears twice in the English subtitles transcript, as wll as once in the left column.

A bit redundant. Isn't there a way to have that video info appearing only once in the left column? Formerly,  editing the video title was separated from subtitling.Maybe it was more logical.

You should ensure that no instances of the other language appear in the video properties, from what I can see (knowledgebase software in this case)

Same double info issue with videos where the info of the original video WAS streamed to the editing widget, whethe it was changed there or left untouched:
Etc. In the videos I've subtitled or imported with subtitles to Amara, this double description issue appears for the 1st time in the Italian subtitles of  Alessia Nera: OFF TRACK #1 - Primi passi con l'editor Google Docs (versione audio), made on 01/27/2011.
Therefore actually, the problem does not seem caused by the change to editing the video info in the video: in the Correcting the title of a translated version  discussion of the former Amara help forum at (1), on November 16, 2011 , Margarita Shamraeva was still explaining how to change the video title by clicking the Edit Title button to the right of the title in the info page of a video, in the former manner.
So, what causes this double info and can you fix it?

(1) The discussion is archived in, in case the forum disappears without getting imported here.
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