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Where exactly is the video I subtitled?


I can't quite work out where exactly a video I subtitled is located.

Amara says that it does not host videos but just subtitles them wherever they are.

Well, I subtitled a video and I can see it in what seems to be 'my space'

But the 'original' video still does not have a subtitle option and is at

So where is the subtitled video REALLY hosted at the present time

I'd also like to know how many videos I can 'display' in my 'own space'?

Thanks in advance for any help


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Thank you for your post, Denise Carla Syme.

Have you tried to

  1. log in with the account you used to make the subtitles
  2. click on your username top right of Amara pages;
  3. in the droplist that opens,  click on Account
  4. in the Account page where you can edit your profile, click on the Activity link, top right too:
    screenshot of top right info

This Activity page should list the subtitles you were working on.

If it does not list them, please create a ticket that will go to the Amara tech staff: they should be able to help you.



I spent almost the entire day yesterday subtitling an educational video for Microsoft365. I did not finish it and wanted to do so today. I cannot find it and have not a clue where to find it.


The videos you see in an Amara page are streamed from the page whose URL was used when the Amara page was created, which is reported in the "URLs" tab of the video, in the .... added by link.

For your "Chez Salah" video, the "URL's" tab is  and the original video's URL is , given in the " URL added by SafeTex" part.

As to the number of videos that can be displayed in users' spaces, I don't think there's a limit: apparently all the Amara video subtitling pages the user has created are listed there: e.g. jngiam's videos  lists 132 pages of 30 videos each - and BDCORE's videos, mentioned on page 5  of  the "Removing subtitles or videos" still number the "4,800+ videos" s/he wrote about, even though they are now described as "retired user's" because s/he left Amara.

The problem with these video lists is that they don't follow any recognizably logical order: neither alphabetical nor chronological, and there is no search tool for them.


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