There are several ways to add transcripts and translations to your video on Amara:

1. With the use of Amara's subtitle editor. 

Click Add a New Language! link on the video page on Amara under Contribute header: 

You will be prompted to select the language you are going to add, and the subtitle editor will open next.

How to transcribe a video >>  Help  |  Video Guide

How to translate a video >> Help  |  Video Guide

2. With the use of Amara's legacy editor.

In subtitle editor, you can click Legacy Editor button. This will invoke the old Amara subtitling editor  which can only handle one language, in contrast to the default editor, which enables you to view a second language while editing your subtitles. You may want to use this editor for transcribing if the format of your video is not yet well supported in the default editor.

How to use the legacy editor >>  | How to switch between default and legacy editors >>

3. By uploading existing subtitles.

If you have a complete or a partially complete file with subtitles for your video in a format supported by Amara (SRT, DFXP, SSA, SBV, VTT, or TXT), you can upload it and, if necessary, edit subtitles onsite.

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