After you create an Amara profile, you can start creating subtitles on the platform. This article will show you how to start subtitles for videos already on Amara and add new videos through your Amara profile.

View the Activity tab for your Amara profile to see the subtitles you have worked on. 

After a video is in Amara’s public library, click on the video to view more information and start subtitles in your language.

Click the Add a new language! link to the left of the video.

 The Add a new language link is highlighted on a public Amara video page

If your language does not appear in the dropdown list in the Add a new language popup, check the list of existing subtitle languages on the left side of the page. Click the language links if you want to contribute to incomplete subtitles.

To Add a video to Amara 

To add a video to Amara’s public library go to the Create page by clicking Subtitle Video button at the top of Amara page. 

Submit the URL for the video to get started on your subtitles.


Submit URL entry field

  • Add a URL for a public, embeddable video from a supported site:



  • Add a URL for a video in one of these supported formats:

    • Theora (ogg, ogv)

    • WebM

    • MP4

    • FLV

  • Add audio files in MP3 format

Connect a hosting site to your Amara account

To add videos to Amara from a video hosting site, connect your video hosting account to your Amara user account. View more detailed instructions in our articles for YouTube or Vimeo integrations.



Detail screenshot of user menu with Account option highlighted


  1. Click your username in the top right corner 

  2. Select Account from dropdown menu

  3. Scroll down to the Sync section

  4. Select the video hosting site that you want to connect

  5. Review permissions

  6. Log in and choose an account to connect



Disconnect your account at any time by clicking the “Disconnect” button.



After connecting, Amara will import subtitles and video title, description, thumbnail for all:

  • Existing public and unlisted videos 

  • New videos (added after you connect channel)

We export subtitles for your videos from Amara to your YouTube channel after they are completed and published on Amara.

You will need to resync any subtitles that are already completed before you link the channel.

Changes made to subtitles on YouTube will not update on Amara. Use Amara to edit subtitles.

Search for public Amara videos

You can click the Videos link at the bottom of Amara pages to view the Amara public video library. Search by video title in the search bar at the top of the page.


After you find a video to work on, click the Add a New Language! link on the video page on Amara under Contribute header: 



The Add a new language link is highlighted on a public Amara video page


You will be prompted to select the language you are going to add, and the subtitle editor will open next. Be careful to select the correct language, you cannot edit the language code later.


How to start subtitles in the editor >>  Help  |  Video Guide


Thank you for your contributions to support an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback!

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