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How to add underline character in subtitle text without triggering underline formatting?

Especially in programming lectures, there is a heavy usage of underline character, e.g. for names of variables - "user_input". Since subtitles enable plain text based formatting for bold (**text**), italic (*text*) and underline (_text_) - a great feature! - there is a problem if translator needs only an underline character without triggering formatting. For "*" character, this can be achieved by using a space (text * text) or triple star if both formatting and character are wanted (**text *** text**; *text *** text*). Is there a similar approach for "_" character?

Underline Character Effect 

So, the main question of this topic is - how to display "_" character without triggering formatting on surrounding text? See also the image above for an example of the problem.

Thanks and
Igor Popov

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In order to use the underscore symbol with this issue, use the ASCII symbol (_) instead of the underscore.

For instance, you would use new_user_login instead of a new_user_login.

Hope it helps!

Hi! Igor Popov!

I am moved by your question, especially about the time stamp URL and author manifestation XML.

Would we have a some talk or exchange of info about this? It's been 4~5 years since you issued that question. My e-mail is the sake of keyword searching in the amara-embed-iframe I need your advise. God bless U!!!^-^" From Seoul, Korea

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