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What will happen if i change the timestamps of the Original Language (English) to other languages.

Will the other languages adjust to the new timestamps too?
The "timed" language streams will be affected?
How can I distinguish a "timed" language stream from a simple translation stream?
And what if I join two subtitles in the Original Language or split a subtitle in two? This will delete or leave a space in the translation streams?
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Hi Diomedes,

See Jules Rincón's reply to my overlong cognate topic, If 2 original subs are merged, the translation of the second disappears - and former revisions of the translated subs are destroyed.
In a nutshell, this is an insidious quagmire presently. Let's hope the developers stabilize it soon. 

For the time being, I'm avoiding changing time codes in original videos if others are translating from them, lest I destroy their work. If I really needed to change time codes before that, I'd download them and create a new track by reuploading them. I.e. I'd use one of the pointless duplicate languages, like English, British or French, Canadian, for the new track. And I'd add an easy to remove mock first subtitle explaining the purpose.
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