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Is it possible to retrieve subs added to an original video after an Amara page has been created for/from it?

If an original video has CC subtitles when an Amara page is created for/from it, the original subs get automatically added to the Amara page.
But they don't get added to the Amara page if they are added to the original video afterwards.

Is there a way to retrieve these subs added to the original video, other than
  • asking for the deletion of the Amara page, and then recreate a new one from the same original video, or
  • creating a page for the video in the staging version of Amara?

Hello Claude, 
Do you have example URLs for a case like this?  It might be worth trying it out and seeing if it works!

Not a terribly good one, as the English subs now playing on the original got added there when the Amara ones were already almost completed, and are full of rubbish extra code due to their having used a .rtf file for the plain transcript they fed the YT automatic synchronizer.

So the Amara human subs are way better. But if the YT subs had been added earlier, perhaps editing them would have been shorter than making them from scratch on Amara.

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