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Can we or can't we submit tickets?

On July 19, 2012, people who had submitted tickets to this Amara Support Center got an automatic notification for each of them, signed "Darren B and the Amara Team". The text of this notification - copied in my "Fri, Jul 20 at 2:19 AM" comment to Tickets v forum discussions? - apparently implied that not only all existing tickets had been closed, but that other channels than tickets should be used to report issues.
However the "Submit a ticket" button was never removed from the pages of this support center.
Moreover I just noticed the How to write a Good Ticket page in the Solutions section here, which didn't exist when that notification about tickets being closed was sent (1).
So can we or can't we submit tickets to report issues, and will submitted tickets be answered?

(1) or else I missed that page back then, but I remember checking the Solutions section pretty thoroughly when the notification arrived
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Hi Claude,

Indeed, the message sent by Darren still applies: we would like the forum to be the prime channel  to ask questions about Amara, suggest new features and report strange going-ons.

Tickets should be used only to report serious issues or bugs: if the program is not working correctly and several users are reporting the same behavior, or if a team administrator is having technical issues. 

If there is a serious issue, we want to know about it and be able to resolve it quickly, but also to be able to triage issues and figure out which ones are serious bugs and which are related to user knowledge gaps. Users who submit tickets without sufficient information will get pointed towards the Solutions area: Once they have gone through solutions and forums, if they are still having problems, then they will be able to send in a ticket with all the information we'll need to get it resolved. 

I did modify the wording in the How To Write a Good Ticket article, I hope it now makes it clearer when to write a ticket.

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