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Announce the "Convert to Timed Subtitles" option earlier?

First, big thanks for having enacted the "Convert to Timed Subtitles" option in the translation interface and more in general, for having separated again the various subtitle sets of each video, allowing them to vary in number and timing.

However, could that option be announced earlier, on the main page for a video? E.g. you could have one of these "?" with hover help Dean described in the Town Hall [1] next to the link for creating new subs on the main video page, perhaps.

Presently, people seeing that link and/or that box have no way of knowing they'll be able to use this conversion option in the translation interface, and might think that it remains impossible to re-time translated subs.

[1] See  in the English subs of the "Amara Town Hall -- Oct 23, 2012" video, from 29:55 to 30:09, ca.
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Hi Claude. 

Changing the current website to add those notes would take developers out of working on the new Amara website. Maybe what we need is a new topic in the Solutions forum to let people know that it is possible to re-time translated subs?  Users who are used to Amara will probably notice the change, and new ones will likely search for more information.
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