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Subtitles doesn't work anymore

Subtitles doesn't work anymore when we use the embed code

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The odd thing is that the subtitles do work in the embedded Amara players of Richard Gresswell's So could it be an issue of the players for a specific language? On Richard's site, the subs are mainly (only?) original English subs.
Thank you for the feedback, it mean that problem appear only on our website
Everything is allright you can close

I'm glad the issue has been sorted out.

It is generally useful to add as many details as possible when reporting an issue: explaining how or why something is not working, and what the expected behavior is  and how to reproduce it allows us to be more efficient in answering bug reports and requests. Instead of going back and forth asking for more details, we could get to work on resolving it!

I'll be making a few guidelines on what information we find really useful when issues are being reported, and will share those through the forum, I think it will be quite useful to all of us!

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