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Using amara on domain restricted vimeo videos

Hi there - I'm just looking into this platform for a website that we are launching soon.

Our current plan is to publish our videos through Vimeo but restrict them to only play on our domain (i.e. not visible on or embeddable). Could we still use this service to display subtitles? I realise that if we want to use your subtitling interface we would need to allow this domain but what if we supplied our own caption file?

Any advice around this would be appreciated.


Hey Howard I have exactly the same question -- did you ever find a subtitle solution for Vimeo?

Hi Howard, 

Any videos added to Amara will be able to get viewed and played on Amara. You can, however, download all subtitle files created and add them to your videos to be displayed anywhere else.

However, you might want to contact Vimeo and ask them about subtitle support, I don't think they do yet!
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