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Why have videos added to teams after ca mid-September disappeared from the relevant teams' video lists?

In the teams I participate in, videos added after ca mid-September have disappeared from the video lists on the home page of the relevant teams. E.g. in the Captions Requested team, created a month ago, no video at all is listed on the home page: there's just a message saying "Rebuilding video index. Please try again in a few minutes ..." (see amara_captionsrequested_novideo.jpg attachment), but it's been so for at least a few hours now.

Yet all these disappeared videos are counted in the sidebar, can be traced via the teams' activity page, and have the "This video belongs to the [linked team name] Translation Project" below the player on their main page.

Actually, "This video belongs to" is a return to an old inaccurate phrasing, which was changed to "Visit" after it was pointed out in the help forum that videos added to a team do not perforce belong to it. E.g. the videos added to Captions Requested and Music Captioning almost exclusively do NOT "belong" to those teams or to their members, but were put online by other people. However, I don't know when Amara developers started using this old inaccurate phrasing again, because I haven't paid attention to that item for a while.

Anyway, what's going on with teams? Why aren't the videos recently added to them showing on their home pages?

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Thanks for your reply in Problems with search and “Rebuilding video index. Please try again in a few minutes.” message on Team video pages, Jules. I re-replied there, as it seemed a more logical place to do so.
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