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Qs re formerly synced subtitles unsynced by a rollback

 What happened:

In the English subtitles of Disney's Frozen - "Let It Go" Multi-Language Full Sequence:

Perhaps as a consequence (?), the formerly synced Chinese, Traditional subtitles that were translated from English and marked complete by Hsin-yi Chiu got unsynced too.

In spite of being now unsynced, these English and Chinese, Traditional subtitles remain marked "complete".

The same secondary unsyncing may have affected the French, Italian and Spanish subtitles that were in progress when the rollback was done, if they were being translated from the English ones.


  1. Why do translated subtitles marked complete remain dependent on the changes made to the subtitles they are translated from?
  2. Why do subtitles that get unsynced remain marked as complete?
  3. Is their a way to reinstate the translated-from-English subs to their pre-rollback condition?

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