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Amara player doesn't work anymore

When I want to edit any video I can't press play, am I the only one ?

Hi, Esperanza,

could you please tell:

  • Which Amara player doesn't work for you (URL) or if you meet this issue with all Amara players for all videos?
  • If with a single video, have you checked that the original video (on YouTube, vimeo, etc) that is streamed in the Amara player still works?
  • What is the operation system of your computer and what browser you are using?

This way, it'll be easier to identify the issue.




video doesn't play

Glad things got sorted out, Verone and Claude!
Everything is alright.
Ok thank you. I gonna try some tests
Play is working OK for me on a MacBook with OS 10.6.8 and Firefox 14.0: both the player's play button and the play button on the right. Tab works too. Yesterday, though, it temporarily stopped working when the Adobe flash plugin crashed.
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