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disappeared translations

I have started a translation but unfotunately i couldnt have a look to it for one week, and now i have time to continue but i see that it is disappeared. Is there a time limit for "latest activity" or for "completion time"?  I can start it again but I worry about if it dissappears again.

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Hi Ayşe Açma,

I'm just a user like you. I hope your subtitles can be retrieved: at times the subtitles are there, even though the link to them does not appear. It'll help the Amara people retrieve them if you give the URL of the main Amara page for the video (the one with /info/ followed by the title).

Re the risk of subtitles disappearing again, it's minimal, but a good precaution is to download what you have already translated both as .txt and as .sbv or .srt file in future.



Hello Ayse, 

As Claude mentioned, if you give us the URL for the video you were working on, we can help you see if it can be recovered. Were you working in a Team or on your own?  While teams and tasks may have an expiration date, the data is meant to get saved even if it is unassigned or the task expires. And making backup copies is excellent advice from Claude: as with any other online editor, backing your work offline is the easiest way to ensure that you are prepared for any problem that may arise.
Hi Claude and Jules,

Thank you for advices, eventhough i havent translated a big part of it, i was worried for the future translations.
this is the link: 

And Claude i vent noticed the download function, thanks for advicing!
Hi Ayşe,

Thanks for the link: what a fascinating story!

Though the video has been added to the Coursera team which does use tasks apparently, maybe the disappearance of your Turkish subtitles was due to something else. Wait for Jules' official interpretation, but the history of the English subtitles suggest a possible hypothesis:

From the time indications in your first post here, you seem to have started to translate the  Revision 0 of the English subs, published on Aug, 3, which was an automatic or semi-automatic one "generated by Cogi": i.e. complete sync'd subs, but with some inaccuracies.

Then on Sept. 8, Thanita Bhutrakul chose to redo the English subs from scratch, and in Revisions 1-3, reached ca. 6:05 in the transcript (unsync'd) phase.

So Jules, could the disappearance of the Revision 0 sync'd subs Ayşe was translating from have caused the disappearance of her translation, due to the software presently imposing that all subs have the same number and time-coding (or absence of time-coding) as the original ones?

If so, then translators should download their work regularly both as timed subs (.srt, .sbv etc) and as plain transcript (.txt), in case the original subs change so much that their translation is deleted. In fact, it's easier to copy-paste the translation again from a plain transcript into the Amara interface.

Actually, that's what I've done with the English subs of this video. Or more precisely: as Thanita seems to have stopped working on the subs, I downloaded both the Revision 0 subs generated by Cogi, and the plain transcript of Thanita's last revision 3. Then I reuploaded the Revision 0 subs, which strangely worked, and I copy-pasted Thanita's corrected subs into it up to 6:05 (Revisions 4 and 5). And now I'm going on with the revision of the following subs, in phase 2 (sync'ing) of the widget.

Odd that I've been able to do that in a video added to a workflowed team I'm not member of. But the main point is that if indeed, a complete reshuffling of original subs deletes translations made from the former version for all Amara video pages, then all Amara users should be warned of that risk, and told to regularly download their work.

Hi Claude and Ayse, 

I'm passing this along to the Coursera team, thank you so much for reporting and looking into this!
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