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How to show widget on my language

Does anyone know if there is some plan to translate into another languages (other than english) the widget that shows the amara controls below the video?

Regards, Ibon.

Great!, I'll check it on few months to see what is going on about this topic. If you need some test or anything else on this, just let me know :)

Thanks, Ibon.

We're working to update our widget, and once we do it should be much easier to tag for translation. This update should happen sometime in the next few months.


Thanks for getting in touch-- I'm going to see if this is something we can't enable easily for translation. Thanks for bringing it up!

Hi Ibon,
I checked the texts presently offered for translation in the Universal Subtitles localization project on Transifex (1), by searching for several terms used in the embed widget: none of the details for these Transifex results match the embed widget so far.

However, Amara keeps adding texts for translation to this localization project, so they will probably add those for the embed widget (and for the subtitling widget itself) at some point. Darren Bridenbeck will probably be able to tell you more precisely when.

Perhaps you'd be interested in joining the team for your language in this project?

(1) Universal Subtitles used to be Amara's name before April 5, 2012.
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