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cannot update existing translation by uploading srt

I started a new translation on the site, but decided to finish it locally. I created an srt, but i cannot update my own on-site translation with it. can i delete a translation that i started, and i am the sole contributor? if no, how can if refresh an existing translation with an upload?

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Hi Bodó,

When you attempt to update your translation with your SRT, what steps are you taking? It should be possible by clicking, "Already have subtitles for this video? You can upload them directly." which should appear underneath the "Contribute" heading while looking at a page for a video.

Anyone should be able to contribute subtitles to the video you added, if you wish, you can click on the language that you are subtitling into under "View Subtitles" and then click "edit subtitles" to continue your work via Amara's interface.

I hope this answered your question, but don't hesitate to reply back if this doesn't, or if you have more questions.

Darren from the Amara Team
Hi Bodó,

I haven't heard an update from you on this-- is this still an issue for you? I'd be happy to lend my perspective to make sure everything's working well for you.


 I have the same exact problem. However, I can't click on "Already have subtitles for this video?" as I viewed the subs in the Amara subtitle software before working on them using my own software. So now when I click on Resume in my tasks pane, I am taken directly to the video and the original subs rather than my edited ones (which have definitely uploaded as I can see them when I click on Latest Draft in the tasks pane).

Can you help?

Hi Anna,

Amara task-ridden subtitling behaves differently depending on how the workflow for the tasks has been configured by the owners and administrators of each team that implements workflows. And unfortunately, only these owners and admins can see this configuration.

So, unless they have already provided the needed info in the team's description, your best bet is to directly contact one of them:
  • go to the team's Members page
  • activate the Filter and Sort link top-right
  • set the filter to "Showing admins speaking all languages"
  • in the results, choose an admin/owner who has been reasonably active in recent times
  • use the Send a message  link next to his/her name to write to him/her

 Then, for the TED team, there is also a support e-mail address: .

I hope this works for you.



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