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Make an app for Amara videos

Dear All

I would like to make Apps for Android, I-phone etc to play subtitled videos from Amara. Has anyone done this yet, and indeed would it be at all possible? I would really appreciate any advice on this from those of you with experience of apps.

Best wishes

Thank you for this important report, dahliakuo. I don't have an iphone (and don't have this issue on my android  phone) so what follows is just based on analogy, not experience: if the issue occurs with Safari, can you try another iPhone-compatible browser? If that does not work, maybe ask on the iPhone support forum.



I can't watch the video with subtitles on iphone.  Once I play the video, it becomes full screen, and the subtitle is gone.  

Hi Richard,

I don't think an android app is needed to simply watch the videos with subtitles in English. See the attached amara_android_embedded.jpg screenshot of your blog's home page seen with the Android browser on a tablet running on Android 3.0 , with the droplist below the player open and the subs showing in the player.  The screenshot is rotten, but in the browser, the player looks just as great as on a computer or laptop.

And just to illustrate the editing interface seen in the same way, even if you're not directly interested: amara_android_screenshot.jpg is a screenshot of the sync'ing stage for the English subs of the same video - don't worry, I just tiptoed in to make the screenshot and backed off without doing anything and without saving :D
Thank You

Hi Claude - that's useful information. The App is for viewing only so English learners can simply watch the videos with subtitles in English. So a reduced functionality but highly useful for learners of English who are most likely want to watch and listen to the videos while on the move with smartphones. If I can make an Android app I would be very happy because as far as I know Android dominate the mobile market anyway - + I don't really like the way Apple are just trying to wrap everything up with their own bespoke operating systems etc. I'm not sure I'm going to invest the time here although clearly many people are using i-phones, i-pads etc - well at least until Apple decide to play ball! Could you recommend an app software to help me make the app - I assume 'Google' would be the obvious start? They have their own app maker I think 'Appinventor' but will check.

Thanks again Claude for your help.

Best wishes
Hi Richard,

Actually, with Android devices, Amara videos play nicely in the browser. And you can even make subtitles using the normal brower-based Amara app. I did some with an android tablet when my laptop was on the blink, back in May. Sync'ing subs was a bit maddening, because you can't use keyboard shortcuts, and tapping the buttons is less accurate, but feasible. And I'm not sure an app would make that better.

In the Apple devices with which I tried Amara, on the other hand, not even playing the videos with subtitles worked, just as, you can't see CC subs added to videos on platforms that support them, apparently (so far I've tried YouTube and Internet Archive cc'd videos). So is it perhaps deeply intrinsic to the Apple IOS for mobile things, apparently meant to only play CCs if they are added to videos in iTunes? I don't know, but I hope someone else does.

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