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Multiple texts at the same time on subtitle

Sometimes, the person on the video is speaking while there's text appearing on the video at the same time. We should be able to add multiple separated texts at the same time... At least I didn't find that option...

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Gustavo, it is now possible to use line breaks in order to have multiple separated texts in a subtitle: see Multi-line subtitles: Amara now supports line breaks!.
Hi Gustavo,

In these cases, I add the transcript of the on-video text between normal brackets in the sub for the audio content (1).
This is not elegant, granted, but at least it conveys both types of information.

(1) If the Amara software decides that the sub is too long and splits it in 2, in the list of done subs, I cut the content of the 2nd sub and paste it at the end of the 1st, then I delete the empty 2nd sub.
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